With the 4-fold power of ivy against coughing due to bronchitis

Patient service

The best possible natural cough therapy and the greatest possible customer satisfaction – the Prospan® patient service focuses on your concerns: whether you’d like to download our patient brochure or you’d like to learn about current Prospan® promotions, simply take a look around.

Brochure for patients – “Der große Hustenhelfer”

Whether or not it’s the “coughs and colds” season, or whether we’re old or young – any of us can catch a cough at any time. It’s not only bothersome, but can also be very unpleasant. If untreated, it might even lead to a serious problem. Sometimes coughing occurs not only as a result of a simple cold, but rather as a symptom of a chronic respiratory tract disease such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis or COPD.

Download the current brochure for patients “Der große Hustenhelfer” as a PDF (in German). [pdf | 1886 KB]

Package leaflets

The current Prospan® package leaflet for each form of administration can be downloaded here as a PDF (in German). Please be aware that dosage recommendations and package leaflets for other countries and in other languages can differ because of local legal requirements.

Prospan® Hustensaft [pdf | 1727 KB]
Prospan® Liquid [pdf | 1719 KB]
Prospan® Liquid in Flaschen [pdf | 1749 KB]
Prospan® Hustensaft [pdf | 1727 KB]
Prospan® Pastillen [pdf | 1727 KB]
Prospan® Tropfen [pdf | 1727 KB]
Prospan® Brausetabletten [pdf | 1719 KB]
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