With the 4-fold power of ivy against coughing due to bronchitis

    Prospan® Cough Liquid, in a bottle

    Suitable for use at home

    • Now available in a bottle
    • For adults
    • Fresh menthol taste

    Prospan® Cough Liquid with a menthol taste is now available in a bottle, suitable for use at home. The menthol flavouring lends a cooling sensation and even during intake gives you the feeling that you can breathe freely again and are refreshened. Prospan® Cough Liquid in the 105-ml bottle covers ful treatment for 7 days (adult dose of 3 x 5 ml).

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  • Prospan® Cough Liquid

    Ideal for on the go and when on holiday

    • Taken without a spoon or any additional fluid
    • Fresh menthol taste
    • Belongs in every medicine cabinet

    The practical solution for when you are out and about. You will be familiar with the problem: bedrest is hardly ever possible when you are trying to recover from a cough. Prospan® Cough Liquid helps you to deal with the situation: it is a well-tolerated liquid with a pleasant taste, packed in individual sachets which you can administer easily without needing water or a spoon – wherever you happen to be.

    Package leaflet (only available in German)

  • Prospan® Cough Syrup

    Belongs in every household that has children

    • From the first day of life onwards1
    • Has a fruity, cherry taste
    • Contains no sugar or alcohol
    1 Please ask your doctor before giving to infants younger than 1 year old.

    Effective and very well tolerated – suitable not only for children, but also for the whole family. No medicine cabinet should be without Prospan® Cough Syrup. The tasty cherry flavour makes it child’s play to take, and it contains no alcohol or sugar. The dried ivy leaf extract in syrup form is pleasant for people of all ages.

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  • Prospan® Cough Drops

    Our classic product for adults

    • Take on sugar or in teas/infusions
    • For children from the age of 1 and also for adults

    The classic product against coughing and bronchitis, with the full power of ivy. Highly effective yet well tolerated, Prospan® Cough Drops can be taken in many different ways, e.g. on sugar, in teas/infusions or juice – and even children as young as 1 year old can take them.

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  • Prospan® Cough Lozenges

    Powerful protection against coughing, soothing for the throat

    • Ideal for on the go and when on holiday
    • Taken without liquid or a spoon
    • Fresh orange and menthol taste
    • Belongs in every medicine cabinet

    The discreet administration option – Prospan® Cough Lozenges offer powerful protection against coughing and soothe the throat. They can be taken discreetly without liquid or a spoon: just let them dissolve in your mouth slowly. The practical lozenge has a pleasant orange and menthol taste, and letting it dissolve in your mouth soothingly moistens the mucus in your throat and relieves the urge to cough. These lozenges keep you well armed against coughing attacks, no matter where you go.

    Package leaflet (only available in German)

  • Prospan® cough effervescent tablets

    For additional hydration

    • for young people and adults
    • quickly dissolvable as hot or cold drink
    • pleasant flavour

    Prospan® cough effervescent tablets have a pleasant taste and, when consumed as a hot drink, produce a warming and soothing effect at the same time - and provide an additional hydration, whether drunk cold or warm, especially for elderly patients.

    Package leaflet (only in German)

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